18ct Gold Rolex Bracelet Repairs & Refurbishment

At Nicholson Goldsmiths our specialist goldsmiths have experience in the refurbishment of gold  Rolex watch bracelets.

Most people who own a gold Rolex watch are not aware that they can be refurbished and rebuilt to look like new at a fraction of the cost, compared to the replacement value involved in the purchase of a new watch bracelet from a Rolex dealer.

Gold Rolex watch bracelets, over many years of everyday wear, can become very worn and thereby appear stretched and damaged. This is due to the links and rivets becoming worn along the length of the bracelet. Our team of goldsmiths can hand make new matching links and replace worn rivets to repair the damaged bracelet, thus making the bracelet tight again without the need to replace any parts. This keeps the cost of the repair down.

When each repair is completed, the bracelet will be hand polished and finished to make it look like new and close to the original manufacturer’s specifications.

An estimate will be given first for the repair work. No chargeable work will be undertaken without your consent.

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