Diamond Replacements and Jewellery Repairs

With over 37 years of specialised experience, our goldsmiths are able to evaluate the amount of repair work needed on your precious items of jewellery.

Work carried out by our team of goldsmiths will be professional, high quality and guaranteed.

We deal in all precious metals, including platinum and 9ct, 18ct and 22ct gold.

Our in-house workshop can size complex rings with our state of the art sophisticated laser welding techniques. We can adjust engagement rings, wedding rings and diamond set dress rings. Worn items of sentimental jewellery can be rebuilt and made to look like new. This may include replacing worn ring shanks or bands to re-tipping claws and re-building worn settings.

We have special experience in making new, individual bespoke pieces of jewellery. We can also remodel old pieces of jewellery that are in need of modernising or that are no longer worn, giving a new lease of life to cherished and sentimental jewellery.

Diamond Replacements

Most diamond rings have huge sentimental value. These include engagement rings, diamond set wedding rings or dress rings, whilst others are gifts or family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. It is almost always cost effective to replace the missing diamond and carry out necessary rebuilding work. At Nicholson Goldsmiths, with many years of expertise in replacing diamonds of all sizes, shapes and quality, we will assess the problem and advise how we will fix it for you and find a matching quality diamond.

All repair work is guaranteed and your items of jewellery are fully insured whilst in our care.

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